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We have a few favorites that we are happy to share…

At Halmstad Gårdshotell you stay in the countryside but you are in the middle of town. We are located between Halmstad's city centre and Tylösand. On the farm we have chickens and rabbits and it is common for us to be visited by deer, foxes or moose. Everything is close and within 5 min we have five grocery stores, about ten restaurants and the nearest beach. Perhaps we are also the hotel in Sweden that is closest to five different golf courses. Halmstad is the "golfing capital" of Sweden.

Our closest neighbors (0 m)

Our location is in Söndrum next to the Church and Hertz Minne and a short walk from Söndrums Sports Center and The House of Gymnastics. ​​The Church is historical with a very beautiful well-kept cemetery. Their parish home is completely newly built and has conference rooms to rent. Hertz Minne with its mansion building is the community center of the area and is rented out for parties and gatherings. Söndrums Sports Center offers all forms of racket sports from padel, tennis to badminton. ​

The House of Gymnastics is a training center and gathering place for gymnastics in Halmstad. 

Söndrum's center (1 km)

Walk on cozy paths through the forest to the Center of Söndrum and you will find: a library, a pharmacy, a dentist, a flower shop, a dry cleaner, a hairdresser, a pizza restaurant, a Thai restaurant, a sushi place and a great grocery store. We recommend you to use charming, small but well-stocked Söndrums Centrum.

Bakery & patisserie (2-4 km)​

Our favorite is Krantz Brödbod the local bakery. Another classic in Halmstad is Konditori Regnbågen. Halland's celebrity confectioner is My Feldt, Feldt's Bröd & Konfekt. All three are very good.


Halmstad is packed with nice beaches. Walk down to Söndrum's Center and continue towards the sea and you will come to our nearest beach (about 2 km). Our absolute favorite, however, is the beach in Frösakull. If you stay in Halmstad, you must visit the beach in Tylösand (mandatory). Since we have children, we love Brottet, a municipal outdoor pool with free entry.


If you are going to spend 4-5 hours on a golf course, it must be good. Golf in Halmstad means you have to play Halmstad GK, the north course. If you need to train instead, there is no better alternative than Halmstad Golf Arena.​ 

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